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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of head and neck from a posterior approach

Ligamenta flava

Image #80-1

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Cervical vertebrae, Fascia and connective tissue.

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Dissection of head and neck from a posterior approach
Ligamenta flava
The arches of the third, fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae have been divided. The cavities of the superior and inferior (12) intervertebral joints of the third cervical vertebrae have been opened.
1 . Superior oblique capitis muscle (cut across)
2 . Major posterior rectus capitis muscle (cut across)
3 . Condyloid emissary
4 . Atlanto-occipital joint capsule
5 . Vertebral artery and vein
6 . Posterior arch of atlas
7 . Transverse process atlas
8 . Styloid process
9 . Anterior branch of cervical nerve II (note relation to vertebral artery)
10 . Greater occipital nerve
11 . Arch axis
12 . Articular cavity
13 . Joint capsule
14 . Middle scalene muscle
15 . Minor posterior rectus capitis muscle (cut across)
16 . Border of foramen magnum
17 . Dura mater
18 . Upper pointer: Posteror tubercle atlas Lower pointer: Ligamentum flavum
19 . Spinous process axis
20 . Cut margins of arch of cervical vertebra III (resected)
21 . Upper pointer: Ligamentum flavum Lower pointer: Interspinalis muscle
22 . Dura mater (epidural space absent at this level)