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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of anterior and lateral regions of neck

Relations of thyroid gland, anterior view

Image #74-7

KEYWORDS: Exocrine and endocrine, Peripheral nervous system, Throat, Vasculature.

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Dissection of anterior and lateral regions of neck
Relations of thyroid gland, anterior view
The sternocleidomastoid and infrahyoid muscles of the right side have been partially cut away. The left clavicle has been removed. The left subclavian artery, the trunks of the brachial plexus and the junction of the subclavian vein with the internal jugular vein are visible.
1 . Superficial fascia (external layer)
2 . External jugular vein
3 . Sternocleidomastoid muscle (cut across)
4 . Upper pointer: Superficial fascia (middle layer) Lower pointer: Sternohyoid muscle and omohyoid muscle (cut across)
5 . Upper pointer: Remnant of thyroglossal duct Lower pointer: Thyroid cartilage
6 . Sternothyroid muscle (cut across)
7 . Internal jugular vein right
8 . Omohyoid muscle (cut across)
9 . Right and left lobe of thyroid gland
10 . Clavicle
11 . Right lymphatic duct
12 . Upper pointer: Trachea Lower pointer: Inferior thyroid vein right
13 . Clavicular part pectoralis major muscle
14 . Upper pointers: Sternothyroid muscles (cut across) Lower pointers: Sternohyoid muscles (cut across)
15 . Upper pointer: Mandible Lower pointer: Anterior belly digastric. muscle
16 . Common carotid artery (pointer at bifurcation)
17 . Internal jugular vein
18 . Cervical nerve III
19 . Cervical nerve IV
20 . Thyrohyoid muscle
21 . Superficial cervical artery
22 . Ansa hypoglossi
23 . Cricothyroid muscle
24 . Anterior scalene muscle
25 . Upper trunk of brachial plexus
26 . Middle trunk of brachial plexus
27 . Phrenic nerve
28 . Subclavian artery
29 . Upper pointer: Axillary lymph node (subclavian node) Lower pointer: Tributary to subclavian trunk
30 . Subclavian vein
31 . Upper pointer: Lymphatic trunk from anterior mediastinal lymph nodes Lower pointer: Internal mammary lymphatic trunk
32 . Clavicular origin of sternohyoid muscle (clavicle removed)
33 . Costoclavicular ligament (cut across)