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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Lateral wall of right nasal fossa

Image #38-1

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Face, Nose.

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Lateral wall of right nasal fossa
The osseous septum has been cut away from the specimen seen in view 37-7 to reveal the bones which together form the right lateral wall of the nasal fossa. The right sphenoid sinus (15) is visible through a window cut in the septum which separates the two sinuses.
1 . Nasal bone
2 . Frontal process of maxilla
3 . Upper pointer: Lacrimal bone Lower pointer: Lacrimoconchal suture
4 . Lacrimal process inferior nasal conchae
5 . Openings of maxillary sinus
6 . Inferior nasal concha
7 . Inferior nasal meatus
8 . Anterior nasal spine
9 . Incisive canal (for communicating branch between posterior nasal septal artery and greater palatine artery)
10 . Cribriform plate éthmoid bone (above left nasal fossa)
11 . Perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone (cut away)
12 . Superior nasal concha
13 . Sphenoethmoidal recess
14 . Sphenoid sinus left
15 . Sphenoid sinus right (sphenoidal septal sinuses partially cut away)
16 . Sella turcica
17 . Upper pointer: Superior nasal meatus Lower pointer: Middle nasal concha
18 . Nasopharyngeal meatus
19 . Perpendicular part of palatine bone
20 . Medial plate of pterygoid process
21 . Palatomaxillary suture
22 . Nasomaxillary crest
23 . Palatine process of maxilla
24 . Incisive canal (for nasopalatine nerve)