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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the spinal cord and meninges in situ

Cervical spinal cord; denticulate ligaments

Image #32-6

KEYWORDS: Central nervous system, Peripheral nervous system.

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Exploration of the spinal cord and meninges in situ
Cervical spinal cord; denticulate ligaments
The arachnoid membrane has been cut away. Between nearly every group of cervical posterior roots small accessory filaments appear, such as the one seen at 17. This one divides and contributes fibers to two cervical nerves. In other instances, however, two filaments from neighboring posterior roots (e.g., right 4th and 5th roots) join to form a single strand which then passes out with one of the nerves. These filaments were not present in lower parts of the spinal cord.
1 . Cerebellar tonsil
2 . Medulla oblongata
3 . Margin of foramen magnum
4 . Vertebral artery and posterior inferior cerebellar artery
5 . Suboccipital nerve
6 . Posterior arch of atlas (cut across)
7 . Dorsal root cervical nerve II
8 . Inferior oblique capitis muscle
9 . Greater occipital nerve
10 . Third occipital nerve
11 . Muscular branch of cervical nerve III
12 . Splenius capitis muscle
13 . Posterior median sulcus
14 . Posterior intermedian sulcus
15 . Posterior lateral sulcus
16 . Dorsal root cervical nerve VI
17 . Accessory filament of posterior root which bifurcates
18 . Dura mater
19 . Accessory nerve (Xl) (spinal root)
20 . Posterior major rectus capitis muscle
21 . Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane (cut across)
22 . Posterior spinal artery
23 . Semispinalis capitis muscle (cut across)
24 . Denticulate ligament
25 . Internal vertebral venous plexus and dura mater
26 . Arch of cervical vertebra IV (cut across)
27 . Posterior vertebral venous plexus
28 . Multifidus muscle (cut across)