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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of posterior aspect of left leg

Nerve supply to gastrcnemius muscle

Image #194-7

KEYWORDS: Leg, Muscles and tendons, Peripheral nervous system.

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Dissection of posterior aspect of left leg
Nerve supply to gastrcnemius muscle
The aponeurosis on the posterior surface of the gastrocnemius has been partially removed to permit separation of the fascicles of the muscle. The oblique direction of these fascicles in their course from the superficial aponeurosis of origin to the deeply placed aponeurotic tendon of insertion is discernible in the dissection. The nerves within the muscles communicate in a plexiform manner.
1 . Tibial nerve
2 . Muscular branch of tibial nerve (to lateral head of gastrocnemius)
3 . Sural artery
4 . Lateral head of gastrocnemius muscle (dissected and elevated)
5 . Sural nerve
6 . Popliteal vein (popliteal artery obscured by vein)
7 . Popliteal lymph node
8 . Muscular branch of tibial nerve (to medial head Of gastrocnemius)
9 . Medial head of gastrocnemius muscle
10 . Bursa of semimembranosus muscle
11 . Semimembranosus muscle (tendon of insertion, cut off)
12 . Sural artery
13 . Aponeurosis of origin of gastrocnemius muscle
14 . Aponeurosis of insertion of gastrocnemius muscle (deep within substance of muscle)