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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Mortise of left ankle joint, posteroanterior view

Image #178-5

KEYWORDS: Ankle, Bones joints cartilage.

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Mortise of left ankle joint, posteroanterior view
The foot has been positioned so that the talus is seen in profile within the talocrural joint. The tarsal bones and intertarsal joints are more clearly visible in the following radiographs. This film was obtained through the courtesy of Dr. Melvin J. Figley.
1 . Fibula
2 . Fibular notch
3 . Superior trochlear surface of talus
4 . Lateral malleolus
5 . Tuberosity of calcaneus
6 . Lateral tubercle process of calcaneus
7 . Cuboid bone
8 . Tibia
9 . Epiphysial line
10 . Talocrural articular space
11 . Medial malleolus
12 . Head of talus
13 . Navicular bone
14 . Intermediate cuneiform bone
15 . Medial cuneiform bone
16 . Lateral cuneiform bone