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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of female pelvis froma lateral approach

Pudendal nerve and branches in situ

Image #159-2

KEYWORDS: Peripheral nervous system, Central nervous system, Muscles and tendons.

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Dissection of female pelvis froma lateral approach
Pudendal nerve and branches in situ
The course of the pudendal nerve is shown in this close-up view of the pudendal canal.
1 . Ischial spine
2 . Position of coccyx (covered by ligaments)
3 . Pudendal nerve (passing through lesser sciatic foramen; inferior rectal nerve lying medially is shown in view 159-4)
4 . Sacrotuberous ligament
5 . Upper pointer: Dorsal nerve of clitoris (in pudendal canal) Lower pointer: Perineal nerve
6 . Upper pointer: Obturator fascia Lower pointer: Periosteum
7 . Posterior labial nerves
8 . Anus
9 . Major vestibular gland
10 . Vestibular bulb
11 . Upper pointer: Crus of clitoris Lower pointer: Intermediate part and commissure of vestibular bulb
12 . Labium minus
13 . Internal pudendal artery and vein (in pudendal canal)
14 . Branch of pudendal nerve passing to region of mons pubis
15 . Obturator internus muscle (remnant of origin of muscle, cut across)
16 . Acetabulum
17 . Obturator nerve (in obturator canal)
18 . Femoral vein
19 . Superior pubic ramus (area of origin of pectineus muscle)
20 . Levator ani muscle
21 . Body of pubic bone (partially resected)
22 . Inferior pubic ramus
23 . Suspensory ligament of clitoris
24 . Dorsal nerve of clitoris
25 . Dorsal artery of clitoris
26 . Body of clitoris
27 . Glans of clitoris