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Dissection of stomach

Blood vessels and nerves of greater curvature of stomach, close-up view

Image #142-2

KEYWORDS: Peripheral nervous system, Stomach, Vasculature, Overview.

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Dissection of stomach
Blood vessels and nerves of greater curvature of stomach, close-up view
The greater omentum has been dissected. The stomach has been turned upward and to the right to expose its greater curvature and posterior surface. The inferior and splenic recesses of the omental bursa which lie behind the stomach have been widely opened. The limits of these recesses of the omental bursa have been partially obscured by the removal of peritoneum which covered the left gastric vessels (4) as the gastropancreatic fold, the short gastric articles (12), the splenic vessels (14), and the gastroepiploic vessels (5, 11, 17).
1 . Liver (dissected)
2 . Major curvature of stomach
3 . Stomach (posterior wall)
4 . Left gastric vein
5 . Right gastroepiploic artery (note cut ends of small epiploic branches, lack of communication with left gastroepiploic artery, and plexus of nerves along artery)
6 . Body of pancreas (covered by peritoneum)
7 . Transverse Mesocolon
8 . Transverse colon
9 . Diaphragm
10 . Spleen
11 . Branches of left gastroepiploic artery
12 . Short gastric arteries (from a superior polar branch of splenic artery)
13 . Left gastroepiploic artery
14 . Splenic artery (accompanied by splenic vein)
15 . Left crus of diaphragm (covered by peritoneal lining of omental bursa)
16 . Tail of pancreas
17 . Epiploic branches left gastroepiploic artery
18 . Greater omentum
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