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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of peritoneal cavity

Retrocecal region

Image #139-7


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Exploration of peritoneal cavity
Retrocecal region
The cecum has been elevated to illustrate its relation to the parietal peritoneum posteriorly. In this instance the line of peritoneal reflection is convex downward so that no actual retrocecal fossa or recess, in the usual sense of term, is present.
1 . Ascending colon
2 . Taenia coli (free)
3 . Cecum
4 . Paracolic sulcus
5 . Omental taenia coli
6 . Line of peritoneal reflection from cecum to posterior body wall
7 . Ileum
8 . Ileocaecal fold
9 . Mesenteries
10 . Upper pointer: Mesoappendix Lower pointer: Vermiform appendix