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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of diaphragm

Sternal attachment of diaphragm.

Image #130-4

KEYWORDS: Bones joints cartilage, Diaphragm, Fascia and connective tissue, Muscles and tendons, Rib cage.

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Dissection of diaphragm
Sternal attachment of diaphragm.
The lower part of the sternum and attached costal cartilages have been pulled forward.
1 . Lung
2 . Diaphragm (covered by pleura)
3 . Lobule of fat
4 . Transversus thoracis muscle (cut across)
5 . Xiphoid process
6 . Body of sternum (cut above attachment of sixth costal cartilage)
7 . Apex of heart
8 . Pericardium (cut edge)
9 . Sternal part of diaphragm (covered by fascia)
10 . Internal thoracic artery (cut off)