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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of lungs in situ

General view of vascular and bronchial distribution within lungs.

Image #123-7

KEYWORDS: Heart, Left lung, Lung, Right lung, Vasculature.

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Dissection of lungs in situ
General view of vascular and bronchial distribution within lungs.
The lungs have been dissected from their medial surfaces and are reflected laterally for this photograph. Fragmentary portions of all of the chambers of the heart have been preserved. The great vessels have been kept intact, although the aorta (8) and pulmonary trunk (27) have been elevated to expose more posterior parts of the heart.
1 . Trachea
2 . Internal thoracic artery
3 . Brachiocephalic trunk
4 . Superior vena cava
5 . Upper lobe right lung
6 . Right superior pulmonary vein
7 . Ramus anterior right pulmonary artery
8 . Ascending aorta (pointer on aortic valve)
9 . Bronchus of right middle lobe
10 . Right inferior pulmonary vein (at entrance into left atrium)
11 . Right atrium
12 . Margins of window cut through interatrial septum
13 . Middle lobe right lung
14 . Inferior lobe right lung
15 . Diaphragm
16 . Inferior vena cava (cut off at entrance into right atrium)
17 . Valve of inferior vena cava
18 . Septal (medial) cusp of tricuspid valve
19 . Right ventricle
20 . Left pointer: Anterior cusp of mitral valve Right pointer: Left ventricle
21 . Left phrenic nerve
22 . Left common carotid artery
23 . Parietal pleura
24 . Left vagus nerve
25 . Aortic arch
26 . Anterior mediastinal lymph node
27 . Pulmonary trunk
28 . Left superior pulmonary vein
29 . Anterior segmental bronchus of upper lobe
30 . Anterior lateral branch left pulmonary artery
31 . Left auricle
32 . Left atrium (pointer on posterior wall atrium in this specimen abnormally dilated)
33 . Pericardium
34 . Lingula of left lung
35 . Lower lobe left lung
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