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    editor, Serge Rudaz.
    Identification and data-processing methods in metabolomics / Serge Rudaz
    Untargeted metabolomics: global in scope and potential / Ritvik Dubey, Dennis W. Hill & David F. Grant
    LC-MS data acquisition and validation in metabolomics / Damien L. Callahan
    From raw signals to identified metabolites: recent tools for enhancing LC-MS untargeted metabolomic data processing / David Tonoli, Fabienne Jeanneret, Julien Boccard & Serge Rudaz
    Identification of metabolites in LC-MS-based metabolomics / Yutai Li
    Traveling-wave ion mobility-mass spectrometry in metabolomics: workflows and bioinformatic tools / Giuseppe Paglia, Lochana Menikarachchi, James Langridge & Giuseppe Astarita
    Principal component analysis in metabolomics: from multidimensional data toward biologically relevant information / Renata Bujak & Michal Jan Markuszewski
    Machine learning algorithms for metabolomics applications / Serhiy Hnatyshyn, Umashanger Thayasivam, Vasil Hnatyshin & Curtis White
    Pathway and network analysis / Shuzhao Li
    Targeted metabolomics applied to the study of intracellular eukaryotic pathogen metabolism / Maria Belen Cassera
    Normalization and scaling effects on 1H NMR spectra in a metabolomics analysis of leukemic cells / Thomas Cruz, Julie Lalande, Stéphane Balayssac, Jérôme Kluza, Véronique Gilard, Philippe Marchetti & Myriam Malet-Martino
    Case study: urinary tract infection / Tiziana Pacchiarotta & Oleg A Mayboroda
    Potentiality of volatile organic compounds to discriminate patients with cancer by using chemometric tools / Márcia Sá Monteiro, Márcia Carvalho, Maria de Lourdes Bastos & Paula Guedes de Pinho.
    Digital Access Future Med 2015