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    Deborah A. Kegelmeyer, Anne D. Kloos, and Amelia B. Siles
    Summary: "This laboratory manual is a compilation of years of work developing the neurologic and geriatric rehabilitation laboratory course at the Ohio State University. It is a constantly evolving course, but we wanted to capture the essence of the course and share it so that other instructors could utilize the resources developed over the years. This manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the textbook Neurologic Rehabilitation: Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity in Physical Therapy Practice but could be used with other neurologic rehabilitation textbooks."--Preface

    Chapter 1: Movement Analysis
    Chapter 2: Motor Learning and Skill Acquisition-- Chapter 3: Brain Circulation
    Chapter 4: Examination of the Neurologic System
    Chapter 5: Examination and Evaluation: Outcome Measure Interpretation
    Chapter 6: Evaluation of the Client With a Neurologic Lesion: Case Study
    Chapter 7: Sitting Upright and Trunk Control
    Chapter 8: Respiratory Management in Neurological Disorders
    Chapter 9: Bed Mobility, Positioning, and Range of Motion
    Chapter 10: Transfers
    Chapter 11: Gait Training in the Client With Hemiplegia
    Chapter 12: Upper Extremity in Stroke
    Chapter 13: Managing Clients With Perceptual Deficits
    Chapter 14: Spinal Cord Injury Foundations
    Chapter 15: Spinal Cord Injury: Bed Mobility Laboratory
    Chapter 16: Spinal Cord Injury Transfer Training
    Chapter 17: Spinal Cord Injury: Wheelchair Skills
    Chapter 18: Spinal Cord Injury: Ambulation Skills
    Chapter 19: Balance Laboratory
    Chapter 20: Examination and Treatment of Vestibular System Disorders
    Chapter 21: Lower Motor Neuron Disorders
    Chapter 22: Managing the Client With Parkinson's Disease
    Chapter 23: Managing Clients With Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebellar Ataxia
    Chapter 24: Brain Injury: Treatment Based on Level of Cognitive Function.
    Digital Access AccessPhysiotherapy 2020