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    editors, Perry W. Grigsby.
    Advances in cervical cancer management / Perry W. Grigsby
    Epidemiology of cervical cancer / Karolina Louvanto, Sandra D. Isidean & Eduardo L. Franco
    Screening for cervical cancer / Sandra D. Isidean, Karolina Louvanto & Eduardo L. Franco
    Human papillomavirus vaccination with a focus on cervical cancer / Karin Sundström
    Diagnosis and staging of cervical cancer / Angel Chao, Tzu-Chen Yen & Chyong-Huey Lai
    Radiation treatment for cervical carcinoma / Anuja Jhingran
    Surgical management of cervical cancer / Philippe Morice, Eric Leblanc, Catherine Uzan, Sébastien Gouy & Fabrice Narducci
    Treatment of precancerous cervical lesions / Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan
    Management of early cervical cancer / Hextan Y.S. Ngan & Karen K.L. Chan.
    Digital Access Future Med 2014