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    editor, Jamshid Tehranzadeh.
    Summary: "Basic Musculoskeletal Imaging is an easy-to-read teaching textbook that is primarily targeted to medical students and residents in radiology, orthopedics, and physical therapy and rehabilitation that addresses the basic aspects of not only general diagnostic but also advanced imaging of musculoskeletal radiology"-- Provided by publisher.

    Imaging Modalities Used in Musculoskeletal Radiology / Joseph E. Burns
    Skeletal Trauma : Upper Extremity / Cornelia Wenokor and Marcia F. Blacksin
    Skeletal Trauma : Lower Extremity / Cornelia Wenokor and Marcia F. Blacksin
    Axial Skeletal Trauma / Marcia F. Blacksin and Cornelia Wenokor
    Pediatric Skeletal Trauma / Marcia F. Blacksin and Cornelia Wenokor
    Arthritis and Infection / Michael E. Cody and Jamshid Tehranzadeh
    Tumors / Aydin Soheili, Maryam Golshan Momeni, and Jamshid Tehranzadeh
    Metabolic Bone Diseases / Benjamin D. Levine, Kambiz Motamedi, and Leanne L. Seeger
    Bone Infarct and Osteochondrosis / David T. Nakamura and Jamshid Tehranzadeh
    Orthopedic Hardware and Complications / Reza Dehdari and Minal Tapadia
    Signs in Musculoskeletal Radiology / Amilcare Gentili and Shazia Ashfaq
    Shoulder MRI / Rina Patel and Daria Motamedi
    Knee MRI / Arash David Tehranzadeh
    Spine MRI / Paul Manning and Jason Handwerker
    Elbow MRI / Rajeev K. Varma, Alya Sheikh, and David Ban
    Wrist MRI / Maryam Golshan Momeni and Hiroshi Yoshioka
    Hip MRI / Rajeev K. Varma, Ben Plotkin, and Joanna Chen
    Ankle MRI / Shahla Modarresi, Daria Motamedi, and Cecilia M. Jude
    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound / Erwan Lefebvre, Laura Scarciolla, Anne Cotten, and Thibaut Jacques
    Musculoskeletal Scintigraphy / Mark Chambers.
    Digital Access AccessPhysiotherapy 2021