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    [edited by] Robert K. Silverman.
    Summary: A text that comprehensively addresses both the gynecologic and obstetrical care of the obese patient. It provides clinicians with the tools needed to manage care and minimize risk of complications. Clinically focused and evidence based, it concludes with a section devoted to related conditions that would further impact patient care

    I: Introduction
    Biological and genetic determinants of obesity
    Economic costs of obesity
    Pregnancy and obesity in social context
    II: General
    The obese adolescent female
    Women with disabilities and obesity
    Heart disease
    Asthma and obesity
    Behavioral determinants of obesity
    Bariatric surgery
    Obesity and breast development and function
    Obesity and benign and malignant disease of the breast
    Cancer in women
    Critical care
    Pain management in the obese population
    Electronic tools
    III: Obstetrics
    Nutrition and weight gain in pregnancy: weight loss strategies/nutritional management
    Prenatal care and fertility testing
    Preconceptual counseling and prenatal diagnosis
    Checklists for care: care maps for pregnancy in the obese gravida
    Problems in labor and adverse birth outcomes
    Cesarean section/surgical management
    Endocrine disorders in pregnancy
    Pregestational and gestational diabetes
    Hypertensive disorders
    Anesthesia and obesity
    IV: Gynecology
    Bariatric surgery and pregnancy
    Contraceptive management
    Infertility issues and polycystic ovary syndrome
    Metabolic syndrome
    Botanicals and other supplements
    Menopause and perimenopausal issues
    Perioperative management of obese patients
    Minimally invasive surgery and surgical approach
    Endometrial cancers
    Urinary incontinence
    Digital Access AccessObGyn 2017