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    Jennifer Butler, Alpesh Amin, Laura Fitzmaurice, Christine Kim.
    Summary: "The FIRST textbook to cover the principles and practice of ObGyn Hospitalist Medicine. ObGyn Hospitalist Medicine: Principles and Practice is the first text to encompass the core competencies in the emerging field of ObGyn Hospitalist Medicine. This groundbreaking text delivers comprehensive coverage of every aspect of ObGyn hospitalist medicine, encompassing clinical practice as well as program development and system implementation of ObGyn hospitalists. Readers will find a concise approach to the care of obstetrical and gynecologic emergencies in the hospital setting, with information that will be of value to physicians and physician extenders working in labor & delivery wards and ERs/ICUs. High-quality, easily approachable and comprehensive medical education material on the burgeoning field of ObGyn Hospitalist Medicine. Includes video clips of common obstetrical and gynecologic procedures and laboratory simulations. Chapters include learning objectives, clinical case presentations, key patient hand-off points, and abundant clinical images and illustrations"-- Provided by publisher

    Part I: OBH: the OBH specialty. General hospitalist movement / Alpesh N. Amin
    Introduction to the OB/GYN hospitalist specialty / Rob Olson, Brendan Carroll, and Brian Monks
    Starting a successful OB/GYN hospitalist program / Vani Dandolu and Rob Olson
    Performance of OB/GYN hospitalist programs / Brian K. Iriye
    Regionalized perinatal care: the OB/GYN hospitalist and efforts to reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality / Brigid McCue
    Coding and billing for the OB/GYN hospitalist / Lori-Lynne A. Webb
    The OB/GYN hospitalist and medical education / Alyse Sherwin Blanchette, Joseph Cioffi, and Anthony M. Vintzileos Part II: OBH medicine: healthcare system issues in OBH medicine. Patient-centered care and patient experience metrics / Solange Elondou and Zishan K. Siddiqui
    Ethical issues faced by the OB/GYN hosptalist / Steven J. Ralston and Ruth M. Farrell
    Evidence-based medicine / Baotran N. Vo
    Hospital finance / Ajay Sial, Jaklin T. Orlowski, and Bhan Sial
    Leadership development / Michael D. Moxley, Jennifer R. Butler,and Alpesh N. Amin
    Patient safety / Douglas G. Merrill
    Principles of quality improvement / Douglas G. Merrill
    Risk management and the hospital-based obstetrician/gynecologist / Peter Schneider
    Burnout and physician well-being / Hrayr Attarian and Phyllis C. Zee
    Transitions of care / Israel De Alba and Alpesh N. Amin
    Team-based medicine / John Hann
    The role of simulation for the OB hospitalist / Corey K. Nelson, Christine M. Kim, and Adam Crosland Part III: Clinical conditions and procedures in OBH medicine, A: Core obstetric conditions. Asthma in pregnancy / Richard A. Lee and Dharmi B. Patel
    Blood product replacements / Minh-Ha Tran
    Cardiac disease in pregnancy / Sarah E. Paraghamian and Afshan B. Hameed
    Cervical insufficiency / Cindy Tung Chau and Lili S. Wei
    Diabetes in pregnancy / Carol A. Major and Jonathan G. Steller
    Dermatologic conditions in pregnancy / Lance W. Chapman ... [et al.]
    Obstetrical pharmacology / Catherine S. Sitka
    Electronic fetal heart monitoring for the OB/GYN hospitalist / Thomas J. Garite, Jennifer Y. Duffy, and Emily Hamilton
    Headaches in pregnancy / Baotran N. Vo and Estern Danphuong Ho Wang
    Human immunodeficiency virus in pregnancy / Laura Sienas, Carey Moreno-Hunt, and Douglas Gilbert
    Hyperemesis / Sarah Lynn Lovell Frey
    Hypertension in pregnancy / Sherri McElvy and Rosa H. Won
    Intrahepatic choleostasis of pregnancy / Rachel A. Newman and Judith H. Chung
    Infectious diseases in pregnancy / Lanny Hsiesh and Miki Watanabe
    Infections that affect the fetus / Robert J. Fagnant
    Stillbirth / Cindy Tung Chau
    Intrauterine growth restriction / Tamera Hatfield
    Labor management / Jane van Dis
    Maternal code blue / Catherine Gordon and Vasiliki Tatsis
    Multiple gestations / Cariz Mercurio and Melissa Westermann
    Neonatal resuscitation for the OB/GYN provider / Johanah M. Carrera
    Obstetric emergencies / M. Shane Miller and Tara M. Vick
    Obstetric anesthesia / Corey K. Nelson, Ho J. Choi, and Dmitry Portnoy
    Placental abnormalities / Robert C. Johnston and Deborah A. Wing
    Postpartum complications / Nisha Garg, Jennifer R. Butler, and Olivia Sanchez
    Preterm labor / Thoa K. Ha
    Preterm premature rupture of membranes / Isabelle J. Cohen ... [et al.]
    Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy / Shannon L. Clark and Nuria S. Garcia-Ruiz
    Opioid use in pregnancy / Kelley A. Sala, Jordana Price, and Tirah Samura
    Thromboembolic disease in pregnancy / Priya Rajan
    Trauma in pregnancy / Michael E. Lekawa, Christine M. Kim, Sebastian D. Schubl, and Lauren Yu
    Assessment of fetal acid-base status / Rebecca L. Cyper
    Trial of labor after Cesarean section and vaginal birth after Cesarean / Alissa Dangel and Linda Kleeman Part III: Clinical conditions and procedures in OBH medicine, B: Core gynecologic topics. Management of acute, abnormal uterine bleeding / Kathryn Merriam and Lynn Amy Boardman
    First-trimester bleeding / Janet C. Jacobson and Shannon Connolly
    Pelvic pain / Maureen C. Ries and Marcie Rome
    Vulvar and vaginal tearing / Jeannette Lager, Mzimeli Morris, and Kavita Mishra Part III: Clinical conditions and procedures in OBH medicine, C: Core OBH proedures. Amniocentesis / Laura E. Fitzmaurice
    Inpatient female sterilization procedures / Marisa Liu and Dayna Smith
    Breech delivery / William M. Gilbert
    Cesarean delivery / Lorene A. Temming and Eric A. Strand
    Perioperative management of cystotomies / Bobby Garcia and Felicia Lane
    Episiotomy and perineal laceration repair / Virginia Tancioco and Laura E. Fitzmaurice
    External cephalic version / Joshua I. Rosenbloom and Shayna N. Conner
    Hypogastric artery ligation / Tashsa Serna-Gallegos and Robert E. Bristow
    Obstetric ultrasound / Manuel Porto and Megan C. Oakes
    Manual rotation of the occiput posterior or occiput transverse fetus in labor / Jean Maunder
    Operative vaginal deliveries / Michael D. Moxley
    Postpartum hemorrhage procedures / Katherine Coakley and Laura E. Fitzmaurice
    Pudendal nerve blocks / Tusani Illangasekare
    Vulvar and vaginal hematoma / Lauren A. Cadish
    Digital Access AccessObGyn 2019