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    Eryk Eisenberg, Elisabeth Gaertner, editors.
    Summary: This comprehensive, highly didactic book on ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia (peripheral, neuraxial and perineuraxial nerve blocks) presents meticulously labelled images, diagrams and picture-in-picture samples and includes high-quality, vignetted illustrations that are consistent in style. The ultrasound images are outstanding and carefully selected to demonstrate the most clinically relevant situations. Importantly, they have a real-world appearance, including actual needle paths and desired disposition of injectate during nerve block procedures; most are from the original database of Dr. Eisenberg. All the supplementary material is authoritative and presented as an artful balance of years of clinical experience and a summary of the peer reviewed literature. Ultrasound in Peripheral, Neuraxial and Perineuraxial Regional Anaesthesia, accompanied by richly illustrated material and videos of state-of-the-art techniques, is of interest to anyone interested in learning, furthering their existing knowledge of, or teaching ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.

    Chapter 1) Physical Basics of Ultrasound
    Chapter 2) Ultrasound in Regional Anaesthesia: Why and When?
    Chapter 3) Ultrasound in Regional Anaesthesia: How?
    Chapter 4) General Notions of Anatomy Applied to Regional Anaesthesia
    Chapter 5) Brachial Plexus Blocks
    Chapter 6) Lumbar Plexus Blocks
    Chapter 7) Sacral Plexus Blocks
    Chapter 8) Cervical Plexus Blocks
    Chapter 9) Abdominal Wall Nerve Blocks
    Chapter 10) Thoracic Paravertebral Block
    Chapter 11) Peripheral Nerve Blocks of the Thoracic Ventrolateral Wall: Type I PECS Block, Type II PECS Block, and Serratus Plane Block
    Chapter 12) Ultrasound in Neuraxial and Perineuraxial Blocks.
    Digital Access Springer 2023