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    Abul K. Abbas , Andrew H. Lichtman MD, and Shiv Pillai .
    Introduction to the immune system : nomenclature, general properties, and components
    Innate immunity : the early defense against infections
    Antigen presentation to t lymphocytes and the functions of major histocompatibility complex molecules : what t lymphocytes see
    Antigen recognition in the adaptive immune system : structure of lymphocyte antigen receptors and development of immune repertoires
    T cell ⁰́₃mediated immunity : activation of t lymphocytes
    Effector mechanisms of t cell ⁰́₃mediated immunity : functions of t cells in host defense
    Humoral immune responses : activation of b lymphocytes and production of antibodies
    Effector mechanisms of humoral immunity : elimination of extracellular microbes and toxins
    Immunologic tolerance and autoimmunity : self⁰́₃nonself discrimination in the immune system and its failure
    Tumor and transplantation immunology : immune responses to cancer cells and normal foreign cells
    Hypersensitivity : disorders caused by immune responses
    Immunodeficiency diseases : disorders caused by defective immunity.
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