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    Wilson, Helen W.; Khan, Christina T.
    Summary: Emotional distress, difficulty concentrating and focusing on academic work, mood changes, excessive substance use, self-harming behaviors--when it comes to campus sexual assault and intimate partner violence, the consequences are numerous and serious. This new volume leverages the wisdom of psychiatry, college mental health, and higher education to develop a holistic approach to addressing sexual and relationship violence on campuses.

    It's Never Too Early, It's Never Too Late : Fostering Sexual Citizenship in Humans of All Ages / Helen W. Wilson
    Prevention in Primary Education : Effective School lBased Interventions for Middle and High School
    Students / Samantha Ludin, Katrina Debnam
    Prevention at the University Level : Effective Interventions for College and Graduate Students / Carley Flanery
    Navigating Through Institutional Responses Following Sexual Violence / Lauren Knudsen Schoenthaler
    Trauma-Informed Campus Care / Melissa Murphy-Pucillo, Grace Poon Ghaffar, Helen W. Wilson
    State of the Evidence for Treatment of Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault / Stacy L. Lin
    Unique Considerations for Graduate Students / Amy Alexander, Angie Hawkins, Vanika Chawla
    Effective Interventions for Perpetrators / Raina V. Lamade, Jackson Tay Bosley, Courtney Dwyer
    Queer Communities and Patriarchal Violence : Healing Through Interpersonal, Cultural, and Systemic Work / Marissa Floro, Stephanie N. Wong
    Trans and Gender-Expansive Students' Experience : Rethinking Gender-Based Violence / Elliot Ruggles, Deb Schneider
    Centering the Cultural Wealth of Survivors of Color in Healing and Support / Grace Poon Ghaffar, Tolulope A. Taiwo, Allison L. Thompson
    Culturally Specific Approaches to Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention and Response / Pierre R. Berastain, Rose Poyau.