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    Matthew D. Ostroff, Mark W. Connolly.
    Summary: This casebook covers ultrasound guided vascular access with a focus on patient safety. Vascular access is the catalyst between provider and patient. Initially, patients were treated at hospitals for grave illnesses or terrible accidents; however, due to significant strides in medicine, the emerging hospitalized patient is now more commonly treated for chronic illnesses. For these patients, repeated hospital visits slowly deplete their vasculature, creating one of modern medicines greatest obstacles: vascular access. This book provides safe solutions to bedside clinical challenges from peripheral to tunneled central lines in the neonatal, pediatric, and adult patient populations. Chapters present unique patient cases, incorporating the latest technology and techniques for safely and methodically meeting vascular access challenges, detailed discussions on therapeutic interventions, and trouble shooting. The book is structured so that each chapter builds on the last, offering peripheral, central, and tunneled catheter solutions through a standardized approach. Finally, each part features a COVID-19 case study including vascular access performed in the prone position. This is an ideal guide for trainees, students, clinicians, and healthcare professionals performing ultrasound guided vascular access on patients.
    Digital Access Springer 2022