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    Yongxin Li, editor.
    Summary: Having been found in 3%-21% patients with congenital sensorineural deafness, cochlear nerve deficiency (CND) is defined by a small or absent cochlear nerve. This book describes the updated information on the embryology, pre- and post- operative auditory, electrophysiology and vestibular aspects of CND. Whats more, the cochlear implantation (CI) strategy and CI outcomes as well as comparison with normal patients will be discussed in details with selected cases and high resolution illustrations. It will be a valuable reference for otologists, audiologists and practitioners who would like to understand more about CND and choose optimal clinical strategy of CI surgery for CND.

    Phylogeny and Embryology of Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
    Pathogen of Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
    Radiological Aspect Progress in CND
    Preoperative Auditory and Electrophysiology Evaluation for CND
    Cochlear Implantation Strategy for CND
    Cochlear Implant Programming for Patients with Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
    Postoperative Electrophysiology Test for Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
    Cochlear Implantation Outcomes of Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
    Balance and Vestibular Function of Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
    Special Cases Reports.
    Digital Access Springer 2022