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    Faye Bruce, Ornette D. Clennon.
    Summary: This book provides an interdisciplinary analysis of UK African Diaspora health seekers and their sustained health inequalities in the health market. It translates their often-silenced voices into a decolonial praxis, where their experiences illuminate the hidden factors that have blighted change in health outcomes for these communities. The book excavates and breaks down the nature of these hidden factors, as historical patterns of behaviour that comprise whiteness over the longue duree. Using the lenses of decolonial and critical race studies, the book places whiteness within an ethical and moral framework in order to examine the hidden factors behind health inequalities. The book also looks at intersectionality and discusses whether it is actually fit for purpose as an analytical framework for discussing the health seeking behaviours of both Black men and Black women in relation to their unequal access to the health market. Faye Bruce is Chair of the Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) and a Senior Lecturer and Nursing MPH Global Public Health lead, Co-Investigator Nursing and Racism, Non-Executive Director Northern Care Alliance, UK. Ornette D Clennon is Director of Research and Head of MaCTRI (MEaP Academy Community Training & Research Institute), Manchester, UK. Ornette is also Visiting Professor, UFAM (Federal University of the Amazon).

    1.Introduction: How does the African Diaspora health-seeker fair in the current Health Market?
    2. What Decoloniality Looks like in the Health Market
    3. The Racial and Gendered Determinants of Health
    4. Decolonising Public Health: What are the alternatives?
    5. Where do we from here? Decolonised Health Advocacy. .
    Digital Access Springer 2022