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    Howard H. Goldman, Richard G. Frank, Joseph P. Morrissey, editors.
    Summary: This handbook is the definitive resource for understanding current mental health policy controversies, options, and implementation strategies. It offers a thorough review of major issues in mental health policy to inform the policy-making process, presenting the pros and cons of controversial, significant issues through close analyses of data. Some of the topics covered are the effectiveness of various biomedical and psychosocial interventions, the role of mental illness in violence, and the effectiveness of coercive strategies. The handbook presents cases for conditions in which specialized mental health services are needed and those in which it might be better to deliver mental health treatment in mainstream health and social services settings. It also examines the balance between federal, state, and local authority, and the financing models for delivery of efficient and effective mental health services. It is aimed for an audience of policy-makers, researchers, and informed citizens that can contribute to future policy deliberations.

    Machine generated contents note: 1. Mental Health Policy: Fundamental Reform or Incremental Change?
    2. Division of Labor: Function Shifts and Realigned Responsibilities in the Evolving Mental Health Services System / Joseph P. Morrissey / Howard H. Goldman
    3. Economic Perspectives on the Organization and Governance of Mental Health Care / Joseph P. Morrissey / Howard H. Goldman
    4. What Is the Meaning of Recovery? / Richard G. Frank / Sherry A. Glied
    5. Balancing Access to Medications and Psychosocial Treatments / Larry Davidson / Timothy Schmutte
    6. Are There Enough Inpatient Psychiatric Beds? / Patricia A. Aredn / Anna Ratzliff
    7. Mandated Community Treatment in Services for Persons with Mental Illness / Marisa Elena Domino / Eric Slade
    8. Shared Decision-Making and Self-Directed Care / Marvin S. Swartz / Jeffrey W. Swanson
    9. Suicide Prevention: Rising Rates and New Evidence Shape Policy Options / Michelle P. Salyers / Yaara Zisman-Ilani
    10. How Should the United States Respond to the Opioid Addiction and Overdose Epidemic? / Michael F. Hogan
    11. Early Intervention in Psychosis: From Science to Services / Keith Humphreys / Harold A. Pollack
    12. Policy Effects on Mental Health Status and Mental Health Care Disparities / Thomas E. Smith / Lisa B. Dixon
    13. Mental Health Insurance Parity: How Full Is the Glass? / Rupinder K. Legha / Lonnie R. Snowden / Jeanne Miranda
    14. Housing for People with Serious Mental Illness / Haiden A. Huskamp
    15. What Is the Role of Schools in the Treatment of Children's Mental Illness? / Josh Leopold
    16. Policy Issues Regarding Employment for People with Serious Mental Illness / Jeff Q. Bostic / Libby K. Nealis / Sharon A. Hoover
    17. Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses Who Are Arrested and Incarcerated / Gary R. Bond / Ellen R. Meara / Robert E. Drake
    18. Gun Violence Prevention and Mental Health Policy / Fred Osher / Michael Thompson
    19. Stigma as a Mental Health Policy Controversy: Positions, Options, and Strategies for Change / Marvin S. Swartz / Colleen L. Barry / Jeffrey W. Swanson
    20. How Shall We Promote Citizenship and Social Participation? / Bernice A. Pescosolido
    21. Evidence-Based Practices or Practice-Based Evidence: What Is the Future? / Michael Rowe / Allison N. Ponce
    22. New Financing Models in Behavioral Health: A Recipe for Efficiency or Under-Provision? / Marcela Horvitz-Lennon
    23. Mental Health Disability, Employment, and Income Support in the Twenty-First Century / Thomas G. McGuire.