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    editor, Zelalem Temesgen ; associate editors, Larry M. Baddour, Stacey Rizza.
    Summary: Written specifically for non-infectious disease specialists in both inpatient and outpatient settings, A Rational Approach to Clinical Infectious Diseases provides concise, practical guidance that mimics the decision-making process and reasoning employed by an ID physician. Using clear, understandable language, Dr. Zelalem Temesgen and his esteemed colleagues at the Mayo Clinic present the art and the context of infectious diseases together with the science, helping non-specialists apply a rational approach to the diagnosis and treatment of infectious conditions.

    General approach to infectious diseases evaluation / Omar M. Abu Saleh, Zelalem Temesgen
    Interacting with the clinical microbiology laboratory / Elitza S. Theel, Audrey N. Schuetz
    A primer on microbiology / Brian Schwartz, Erin M. Bonura
    General principles of antimicrobial therapy Jaap ten Oever, Inge C. Gyssens
    A primer on antimicrobials / Richard R. Watkins
    Fever of unknown origin / Mary Jo Kasten
    Fever and rash / Diana Vilar-Compte, Patricia Cornejo-Juarez, Elizabeth Salazar Rojas
    Ear, nose, throat, and neck infections / John C. O'Horo, Kelly Cawcutt
    Lower respiratory tract infections / John C. O'Horo, Kelly Cawcutt
    Select gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary infections / Robert Orenstein
    Urinary tract infections / Dimitri M. Drekonia
    Skin and soft tissue infections / Silvano Esposito, Pasquale Pagliano, Anna Maria Spera
    Bone and joint infections / Talha Riaz, Aaron J. Tande
    Diagnostic approach to a patient with suspected central nervous system infection / Adarsh Bhimraj
    Vector-borne infections / Raj Palraj
    Sepsis / Micah Beachy, Kelly Cawcutt
    Sexually transmitted infections / Arlene C. Sena, Srilatha Edupuganti
    HIV infection / Jessica S. Tischendorf, James M. Sosman
    Bacteremia / Aditya Shah, Daniel C. DeSimone.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2022