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    Kenneth Murphy, Casey Weaver, Leslie Berg ; with contribution by Gregory Barton.
    Summary: Immunobiology is the premier text for immunology at the advanced undergraduate, graduate, and medical school levels. Beginning students appreciate the book's clear writing and informative illustrations, while advanced students and working immunologists value its comprehensive scope. Every chapter is reviewed with experts to ensure accuracy, authority, currency, and depth. The Tenth Edition is supported by InQuizitive, Norton's award-winning, easy-to-use adaptive learning tool that helps students learn immunological terms and apply them conceptually. -- Provided by publisher.

    Part I. An Introduction to Immunobiology and Innate Immunity
    Chapter 1. Basic Concepts in Immunology
    Chapter 2. Innate Immunity : The First Lines of Defense
    Chapter 3. Cellular Mechanisms of Innate Immunity
    Part II. The Recognition of Antigen
    Chapter 4. Antigen Recognition by B-cell and T-cell Receptors
    Chapter 5. The Generation of Lymphocyte Antigen Receptors
    Chapter 6. Antigen Presentation to T Lymphocytes
    Part III. The Development of Mature Lymphocyte Receptor Repertoires
    Chapter 7. Lymphocyte Receptor Signaling
    Chapter 8. The Development of B and T Lymphocytes
    Part IV. The Adaptive Immune Response
    Chapter 9. T Cell-Mediated Immunity
    Chapter 10. The Humoral Immune Response
    Chapter 11. Integrated Dynamics of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
    Chapter 12. The Barrier Immune System
    Part V. The Immune System in Health and Disease
    Chapter 13. Failures of Host Defense Mechanisms
    Chapter 14. Allergic Diseases and Hypersensitvity Reactions
    Chapter 15. Autoimmunity and Transplantation
    Chapter 16. Manipulation of the Immune Response
    Appendix I. The Immunologist's Toolbox.
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