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    Roger L. Albin.
    Summary: "Description and discussion of the many aspects of Parkinson disease (PD) is dogged by the fact that PD is an ambiguous concept. What we call PD is an etiologically and clinically heterogeneous meta-syndrome overlapping a number of other disorders. Definitions, diagnostic criteria, and classification schema provide essential common vocabularies for communication among clinicians and researchers. Definitions, diagnostic criteria, and classification schemes for PD, however, are constructs imposed on variable and imperfectly understood disease biology. Difficulties with formulation of PD definitions, diagnostic criteria, and classification schemes include historical and contemporary use of competing definitions of PD, disease heterogeneity, the existence of disorders with overlapping clinical and pathological features, and ambiguous use of the terms disease and syndrome. For the purposes of exposition and discussion in this book, an inclusive, perhaps vague, definition of PD is employed:"-- Provided by publisher

    Definition, History, Nosology, and Classification
    Pathophysiology I : Basal Ganglia Architecture and The Standard Model
    : Pathophysiology II : Neurotransmitter System Dysfunctions
    Genetics of Parkinson Disease
    Prodromal Parkinson Disease
    Clinical Features I : Initial Evaluation
    Clinical Features II : Non-Motor Features
    Clinical Features III : Natural History
    Pharmacology I : L-Dopa Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
    Pharmacology II : Treating Parkinson Disease
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