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    editors, Victor S. Blanchette, Vicky R. Breakey, Shoshana Revel-Vilk.
    Summary: This handbook takes the reader through the entire field of pediatric thrombosis and hemostasis. An introductory section concisely explains the complex pathophysiology of hemostasis and thrombosis. The chapters that follow include practical, evidence-based information on the diagnosis and management of inherited and acquired bleeding disorders and thrombotic events of the venous, arterial, cardiac and central nervous systems that affect children. Special features include practical clinical algorithms and appendices that cite normal laboratory reference ranges, as well as recommended dosages of blood products and major hemostatic agents. A stand-alone chapter is dedicated to developmental hemostasis and bleeding in the neonate. A chapter on antithrombotic therapy in children gives succinct information on the old and new anticoagulants, antiplatelet drugs and thrombolytic agents. Written and reviewed by international experts in the field, this handbook is intended for health care professionals involved in the assessment and care of children with inherited and acquired bleeding and clotting disorders, including general and specialist pediatricians (in particular intensivists, neonatologists, cardiologists/cardiac surgeons, rheumatologists and nephrologists), hematologists/oncologists (pediatric and adult), as well as medical trainees, nurses, nurse practitioners and pharmacists.

    Pediatric hemostasis and thrombosis : a historical perspective / V.R. Breakey, V.S. Blanchette
    Primary and secondary hemostasis, regulators of coagulation, and fibrinolysis : understanding the basics / S. Revel-Vilk, M.L. Rand, S.J. Israels
    An approach to the bleeding child / S. Revel-Vilk, M.L. Rand, S.J. Israels
    Bleeding in the neonate / L. Avila, D. Barnard
    Platelet disorders in children / V. van Eimeren, W. Kahr
    Managing hemophilia in children and adolescents / J.D. Robertson, J. Curtin, V.S. Blanchette
    Von Willebrand disease in children / V.R. Breakey, M. Carcao
    Rare congenital factor deficiencies in childhood / F. Xavier, V.S. Blanchette
    Acquired bleeding disorders in children / R. Kumar, M. Steele
    A diagnostic approach to a child with thrombosis / M. Rizzi, C. Barnes
    Venous thrombosis / V.E. Price, L.R. Brandao, S. Williams
    Venous thrombosis / S. Revel-Vilk, M. Albisetti, M.P. Massicotte
    Thromboembolic events at specific organ sites / V. Labarque, A. Chan, S. Williams
    Pediatric stroke / A. Andrade [and others]
    Bleeding and clotting in children with cardiac disease / Y. Diab, B.W. McCrindle, L.R. Brandao
    Antithrombotic therapy in children / T. Biss, P. Monagle.
    Digital Access Karger 2013