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    Patricia L. Shaw and Darcy Carter.
    Part I: Performance improvement model. Introduction and history of performance improvement
    Defining a performance improvement model
    Identifying improvement opportunities based on performance measurement
    Using teamwork in performance improvement
    Aggregating and analyzing performance improvement data
    Communicating performance improvement activities and recommendations
    Part II: Continuous monitoring and improvement functions. Measuring customer satisfaction
    Refining the continuum of care
    Improving the provision of care, treatment, and services
    Preventing and controlling infectious disease
    Decreasing risk exposure
    Building a safe medication management system
    Managing the environment of care
    Developing staff and human resources
    Part III: Management of performance improvement programs. Organizing and evaluating performance improvement
    Navigating the accreditation, certification, or licensure process
    Implementing effective information management tools for performance improvement
    Managing healthcare performance improvement projects
    Managing the human side of change
    Understanding the legal implications of performance improvement.
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