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    Ron Cody.
    Summary: Point and click your way to performing statistics! Many people are intimidated by learning statistics, but A Gentle Introduction to Statistics Using SAS Studio in the Cloud is here to help. Whether you need to perform statistical analysis for a project or, perhaps, for a course in education, psychology, sociology, economics, or any other field that requires basic statistical skills, this book teaches the fundamentals of statistics, from designing your experiment through calculating logistic regressions. Serving as an introduction to many common statistical tests and principles, it explains concepts in an intuitive way with little math and very few formulas. The book is full of examples demonstrating the use of SAS Studio's easy point-and-click interface accessed with SAS OnDemand for Academics, an online delivery platform for teaching and learning statistical analysis that provides free access to SAS software via the cloud. Topics included in this book are: How to access SAS OnDemand for Academics Descriptive statistics One-sample tests T tests (for independent or paired samples) One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) N-way ANOVA Correlation analysis Simple and multiple linear regression Binary logistic regression Categorical data, including two-way tables and chi-square Power and sample size calculations Questions are provided to test your knowledge and practice your skills.

    Descriptive and inferential statistics
    Study designs
    What is SAS OnDemand for academics?
    SAS Studio tasks
    Importing data into SAS
    Descriptive statistics : univariate analysis
    One-sample tests
    Two-sample tests
    Comparing more than two means (ANOVA)
    N-Way ANOVA
    Simple and multiple regression
    Binary logistic regression
    Analyzing categorical data
    Computing power and sample size
    Solutions to the Odd-Numbered exercises
    Digital Access 2021