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    Denita Ryan.
    Summary: Stellar, pocket-sized nursing guide facilitates implementation of best practices in the care of neurosurgical patients Written by advanced practice nurses in collaboration with physician experts from one of the world's most renowned neurosurgical institutions, this is the first point-of-care book designed to enhance patient care at the bedside. Every chapter is written by leading authorities in their respective specialties, resulting in a concise but robust neuroscience nursing management tool. The authors lay a foundation with an in-depth description of central nervous system anatomy, followed ...

    Handbook of Neuroscience Nursing: Care of the Adult Neurosurgical Patient; MedOne Information; Title Page; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Video Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; Contributors; Abbreviations; Part I Anatomy and Assessment of the Nervous System; 1 Anatomy; 2 Assessment; Part II Specific Conditions Associated with Neurologic Disorders; 3 Principles of Intracranial Pressure; 4 Hydrocephalus; 5 Electrolyte Disturbances; 6 Seizures; Part III Disorders of the Central Nervous System; 7 Tumors; 8 Vascular Disorders; 9 Traumatic Brain Injury; 10 Infectious Diseases 11 Spinal Disorders12 Traumatic Spine Injury; 13 Developmental Disorders; Part IV Diagnosis and Treatment of Central Nervous System Disorders; 14 Neuroradiology and Neuroendovascular Interventions; 15 Neurosurgical Interventions; 16 Radiotherapy; 17 Rehabilitation; Part V Appendices; Appendix A: Nursing Management Tables; Appendix B: Sample Discharge Instructions; Appendix C: Preoperative Nursing Checklist; Index; Additional MedOne Information.
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