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    edited by R. David Britt.
    Advances in rapid scan EPR spectroscopy / Gareth R. Eaton and Sandra S. Eaton -- Resolution and characterization of confinement- and temperature-dependent dynamics in solvent phases that surround proteins in frozen aqueous solution by using spin-probe EPR spectroscopy / Wei Li, Benjamen Nforneh, Katie L. Whitcomb, and Kurt Warncke -- Site directed spin labeling to elucidating the mechanism of the cyanobacterial circadian clock / Gary K. Chow, Andy LiWang, and R. David Britt -- Orthogonal spin labeling and pulsed dipolar spectroscopy for protein studies / Laura Galazzo, Markus Teucher, and Enrica Bordignon -- Tracking protein domain movements by EPR distance determination and multilateration / Juliane Stehle and Malte Drescher -- Integrative ensemble modeling of proteins and their complexes with distance distribution restraints / Gunnar Jeschke and Laura Esteban-Hofer -- Light-induced pulsed dipolar EPR spectroscopy for distance and orientation analysis / Arnau Bertran, Antonio Barbon, Alice M. Bowen, and Marilena Di Valentin -- Controlling and exploiting intrinsic unpaired electrons in metalloproteins / Katherine H. Richardson, Maryam Seif-Eddine, Adam Sills, and Maxie M. Roessler -- EPR of copper centers in the prion protein / Liliana Quintanar and Glenn L. Millhauser -- Paramagnetic resonance investigation of mono- and di-manganese-containing systems in biochemistry / Joshua Telser -- Application of EPR and related methods to molybdenum-containing enzymes / Russ Hille and Dimitri Niks --EPR of Type I photosynthetic reaction centers / John H. Golbeck and Art van der Est -- Experimental guidelines for trapping paramagnetic reaction intermediates in radical S-adenosylmethionine enzymes / Aidin R. Balo and R. David Britt -- Using peptide substrate analogs to characterize a radical intermediate in NosN catalysis / Bo Wang, Alexey Silakov, and Squire J. Booker.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2022