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    Julia Petty, Tracey Jones, Agnes van den Hoogen, Karen Walker, Carole Kenner, editors.
    Summary: This textbook is written in line with the Council of International Neonatal Nurses, Inc. (COINN) vision for global unity for neonatal nursing. The core values and goals of COINN are based on excellence and advocacy for high quality newborn care, as well as respecting diversity by integrating cultural norms and values among the care of newborns and their families. The book promotes neonatal nursing as a global speciality through evidence, research, and education of neonatal nurses; and offers key examples of the millennium goals and global outcomes, as well as variations in outcomes for babies. The first part focuses on global perspectives of neonatal nursing from different continents aligning with the World Health Organizations' global regions: (The Americas -USA, Canada and South America-, Western Pacific region -Australia and New Zealand-, European region -UK and Europe-, African region, South-East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean region. For each region, education and competencies, challenges and opportunities, research and evidence-based practice (EBP) as well as practice regulations are described. The second part elaborates on key topics for neonatal nursing across the globe, such as the continuity of neonatal care in the community, patient and family centered care in neonatal settings, sleep and brain development, the fundamental care needs of the neonate and family and global perspectives on hypothermia, hypoglycaemia and hypoxia. Written in a formal academic but reader style, using key literature and evidence, this textbook enables an understanding from a large audience with academic levels and experience, both staff and students, bedside nurses, advanced practice nurses, midwifes and allied professionals. In addition, first person story based reflective narrative are interspersed throughout the book to capture the perspectives of nurses, staff and parents, in the form of vignettes. This textbook is aimed at neonatal nurses across the world as well as current and aspiring students in this field.

    PART 1 Introduction
    Chapter 1. Introduction
    PART 2 Global regions
    Chapter 2. USA
    Chapter 3. Canada
    Chapter 4. South America
    Chapter 5. Australia
    Chapter 6. New Zealand
    Chapter 7. UK
    Chapter 8. Western Europe
    Chapter 9. Eastern Europe
    Chapter 10. South Africa
    Chapter 11. Eastern Africa (Rwanda)
    Chapter 12. Asia
    Chapter 13. Middle East
    PART 3- Key topics for neonatal nursing across the globe
    Chapter 14. Continuity of Neonatal Care in the Community: post-discharge care for preterm, small and sick babies
    Chapter 15. Patient and Family Centered Care in Neonatal Settings
    Chapter 16. Sleep and brain development: Developmental care strategies
    Chapter 17. The three Hs: Hypothermia, hypoglycaemia, hypoxia- Global perspectives on early care of the newborn
    Chapter 18. Psychological and emotional care for the neonate and family
    Chapter 19. Global research in neonatal nursing
    PART 4: Conclusion
    Chapter 20. Key messages: The way forward, next steps.
    Digital Access Springer 2022