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    E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán, editor.
    Summary: This book offers a comprehensive and state of the art overview of hemophilia management by reviewing all most recent advances and cutting edge information in this fast evolving field. As hemophilia patients are often affected by joint problems it also provides clear guidance on the surgical treatment of musculo-skeletal manifestations. The first part is devoted to the diseases pathophysiology (differentiating hemophilia A and B), genetics, pharmacotherapy including replacement and non-replacement therapy and gene therapy, as well as quality of life issues also related to hemophilia carriers. The second part is then focused on joint problems, ranging from joint health assessment and pain control to surgical treatment of acute hemarthrosis and hemophilic arthropathy, i.e. radiosynovectomy, total joint arthroplasty and arthroscopic joint debridement. Written by experts drawn from leading institutions involved in treatment of hemophilia and related joint problems, this book offers a valuable resource to hematologists, orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation physicians, radiologists, and pharmacy researchers.

    1. Pathophysiology of hemophilia
    2. Genetics of Hemophilia A and B
    3. Inhibitors in Hemophilia A
    4. Immune Tolerance In Patients with Hemophilia A
    5. Hemophilia A: New drugs
    6. Inhibitors in Hemophilia B
    7. Immune Tolerance Induction in Hemophilia B
    8. Hemophilia B: New Drugs
    9. Management of Hemophilia Carriers
    10. Pharmacoeconomic Aspects in Hemophilia
    11. Assessment of Joint Health and Outcome Measures in Hemophilia
    12. Musculoskeletal Medicine in Hemophilia
    13. Management of Acute Hemarthrosis in Hemophilia (Including Joint Aspiration)
    14. Hemophilic Arthropathy: Radiosynovectomy
    15. Hemophilic Arthropathy: Arthroscopic Joint Debridement
    16. Hemophilic Arthropathy: Total Joint Arthroplasty
    17. Hemophilic Arthropathy: Other Orthopedic Procedures
    18. Gene Therapy in Hemophilia: Latest Advances
    19.A Summary of the Recent Recommendations of the WFH.
    Digital Access Springer 2022