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    Deepak Malhotra, Max H. Bazerman.
    Summary: Presents a comprehensive guide to the essential skills, strategies, techniques, and creative mindset of successful negotiation, drawing on the latest behavioral research and real-life case studies to explain how to prepare for and execute negotiations.

    Becoming a negotiation genius. The negotiator's toolkit; Claiming value in negotiation; Creating value in negotiation; Investigative negotiation
    Negotiating rationally. When rationality fails: biases of the mind; When rationality fails: biases of the heart; Negotiating rationally in an irrational world
    Negotiating in the real world. Strategies of influence; Blind spots in negotiation; Confronting lies and deception; Recognizing and resolving ethical dilemmas; Negotiating from a position of weakness; When negotiations get ugly: dealing with irrationality, distrust, anger, threats, and ego; When not to negotiate; Putting it into practice
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