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    Katarzyna Wac, Sharon Wulfovich, editors.
    Summary: This open access book presents the rise of technology-enabled methods and tools for objective, quantitative assessment of Quality of Life (QoL), while following the WHOQOL model. It is an in-depth resource describing and examining state-of-the-art, minimally obtrusive, ubiquitous technologies. Highlighting the required factors for adoption and scaling of technology-enabled methods and tools for QoL assessment, it also describes how these technologies can be leveraged for behavior change, disease prevention, health management and long-term QoL enhancement in populations at large. Quantifying Quality of Life: Incorporating Daily Life into Medicine fills a gap in the field of QoL by providing assessment methods, techniques and tools. These assessments differ from the current methods that are now mostly infrequent, subjective, qualitative, memory-based, context-poor and sparse. Therefore, it is an ideal resource for physicians, physicians in training, software and hardware developers, computer scientists, data scientists, behavioural scientists, entrepreneurs, healthcare leaders and administrators who are seeking an up-to-date resource on this subject.

    Introduction to Quality of Life and WHOQOL model
    Physical health: Activities of daily living
    Physical health: Dependence on medicinal substances and medical
    Physical health: Energy and Fatigue
    Physical health: Mobility
    Physical health: pain and discomfort
    Physical health: sleep and rest
    Physical health: work capacity
    Psychological: bodily image and appearance
    Psychological: negative and positive feelings
    Psychological: self-esteem
    Psychological: spirituality/religion/personal beliefs
    Psychological: thinking, learning, memory and concentration
    Social relationships: personal relationships +social support
    Social relationships: sexual activity
    Environment: financial resources
    Environment: freedom, physical safety and security
    Environment: health and social care: accessibility and quality
    Environment: home environment
    Environment: opportunities for acquiring new information and skills
    Environment: participation in and opportunities for recreation/leisure activities
    Environment: physical environment (pollution, noise, traffic, climate)
    Environment: Transport
    Future directions.
    Digital Access Springer 2022