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    Peter Ash, Richard L. Frierson, Susan Hatters Friedman, editors.
    Summary: This book comprehensively educates psychiatrists about malpractice and other liability. It is written to also specifically assist psychiatrists who are sued or are involved in other complaints. The first two sections discuss malpractice law and the litigation process; the litigation section mainly addresses some of the more emotionally charged issues, including do's and don'ts, how an attorney will be looking at the case, the defendant doctor's testifying at deposition and trial, and the stress of being sued. The subsequent three sections address specific topics that give rise to liability, with each section taking a different perspective such as risks in particular clinical, by practice site, and special issues, including practice in special situations such as the current pandemic. The final section discusses other forms of liability, such as complaints to medical boards or professional association ethics committees. An exceptional work, Malpractice and Liability in Psychiatry, functions as both a go-to handbook and all-encompassing read on the aforementioned topics.

    Section I: Malpractice Law
    Principles of Malpractice Law in Psychiatry
    History of Malpractice
    Liability of the Acts of Others
    Professional Liability Insurance
    Section II: Litigation
    Risk Management after an Adverse Event
    The Litigation Process
    Do's and Dont's if You Are Sued
    The Plaintiff Attorney's Perspective
    The Defense Attorney's Perspective
    Expert Witness
    The Defendant Psychiatrist as Witness
    The Stress of Being Sued
    Section III: Malpractice Allegations
    Patient Violence
    Boundary Violations
    Breach of Confidentiality
    Negligent Psychopharmacology
    Abandonment and Unnecessary Commitment
    Negligent Psychotherapy
    Section VI: Practice Areas
    Inpatient General Psychiatry
    Outpatient General Psychiatry
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    Consult Liaison Psychiatry
    Emergency Room Psychiatry
    Reproductive Psychiatry
    Addition Psychiatry
    Geriatric Psychiatry
    Correctional Psychiatry
    Forensic Psychiatry
    Psychiatric Research
    Section V: Special Topics
    Malpractice and the Internet
    Patients and Guns
    Practicing During a Pandemic or Disaster
    Section VI: Complaints
    Medical Board Complaints
    Ethics Complaints
    Granting Agencies
    Negative Reviews on the Internet
    Impaired Psychiatrists.
    Digital Access Springer 2022