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    edited by Ian J. Dempsey and Mark D. Miller.
    Summary: "This book covers key areas of orthopedic surgery having multiple anatomic sections like: the knee, hip, elbow, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, the pediatric patient, and the spine. Each section is subdivided into specific pathologic conditions eg, the knee section is divided into the major pathologies: the anterior cruciate ligament injuries, posterior cruciate ligament injuries, posterolateral corner injuries, medial-sided injuries, meniscal injuries, patellar instability and osteochondral injuries. As one dissects the anatomy of each topic in a bullet-formatted presentation the classic history, appropriate physical examination tests and pertinent imaging studies are presented, along with evaluation flowcharts, appropriate images (physical examination, radiographic, MRI, CT, and intraoperative findings). For those less familiar with musculoskeletal medicine, we have included algorithms, key references and original videos in each chapter to help the clinician focus on the appropriate areas. Finally, we have outlined what imaging should be obtained, how and when to order it, and how to interpret the results. Our goal was to create a stand-alone reference for all providers from the beginning medical student, technician, physician assistant, or resident to the most senior orthopedic surgeon who may need a quick refresher on the particulars of an examination that he does not routinely perform. We hope that it will be used to solve arguments in clinic and conference regarding the exact maneuvers involved for a particular examination and most importantly, we hope it improves the care that we offer our patients, leading to their correct diagnoses and, ultimately, their best treatment and outcome"--Provided by publisher
    Digital Access Ovid 2020