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    Neeraj Jain, Lalit Duggal, editors.
    Biologics have revolutionized the treatment of autoimmune diseases due to their efficacy, speed of onset, and tolerability. The development of new agents and expanded use of existing agents continues to be a highly active area of investigation among rheumatic diseases, with a multitude of innovative therapeutic strategies in various stages of development. Although the story of treatments continues rapidly, therapeutic research in some conditions is hindered by the rarity of the disease, variation in phenotype, and concerns about toxicity. This fast-paced development of therapeutics,necessitates immediate evaluation of individual biologic agents and their best use in the new treatment regimens. This book provides an inclusive approach with the existing evidence concerning effectiveness and implications on the usage of biologics in treating various rheumatologic disorders. It also covers the evidence behind the rational use of these agents in varied autoimmune diseases. This manual also offers a complete overview of the existing & futuristic biologic treatments, and draws recommendations on how to standardize the most suitable regimen for a specific patient in the context of current guidelines. The handbook of Biologics in Rheumatology serves as a present and concise compendium to the modern therapeutic developments in the field. This book is likely to benefit clinicians, residents, fellow and other healthcare workers dealing with rheumatological disorders, and also hard-core Rheumatologists, who are looking for a quick recap of Biologics of their interest.
    Digital Access  Springer 2022