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    [edited by] Daniel J. Berry, Mark W. Pagnano
    Summary: "This title is part of the Tips and Tricks series we are developing in the orthopaedic surgery list, based on Harborview's Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Fracture Surgery. That title is unique in its approach in that it doesn't offer a comprehensive review of surgical procedures, nor does it offer a comprehensive review of the knowledge-base underlying orthopaedic trauma and its management. Instead it offers the sort of wisdom attending surgeons pass on to residents or fellows about how to perform surgery. These tips and tricks are often highly technical and also often highly contextual: "in this type of patient, I tend to use approach X for these reasons, while in other types of patients I do it this other way..." Residents and fellows often take notes on this advice. These notes from the orthopaedic trauma fellows at Harborview served as the foundation for the first edition of the Harborview title. This format is thus an adjunct to comprehensive procedural references, not a competitor. It sits in a unique and mostly vacant market niche and represents the stream of knowledge that is sometimes evidence-based (and sometimes not) used to train surgeons. This knowledge stream often contains nuggets unique to particular to institutions. The success of the Harborview title attests to the value of this approach: ~4800 units sold to date, in what has traditionally been viewed as the highly overpublished area of orthopaedic trauma. This title will originate from the renowned orthopaedic surgery department at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. Dan Berry will oversee the hip content and Marc Pagnano, the current chair, will oversee the knee. Coverage will include total hip and knee arthroplasties, revision hip and knee arthroplasties, hip arthroscopy, hip resurfacing, osteotomies for the hip and knee, unicondylar knee replacement, and more. Currently in development: Hospital for Special Surgery's Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Foot and Ankle Surgery, Emory's Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Spine Surgery, Illustrated Tips and Tricks in Sports Medicine Surgery. Brad Henley is the series editor for this series. He has held numerous positions for AAOS in addition to his role at Harborview, and is very well-connected. As currently scoped, additional topics in the series would be: hand-wrist-elbow surgery, pediatric orthopaedics (with perhaps one volume on ped fxs and one on everything else). Because these titles will not present procedures step-by-step, the areas need to be fairly broad in order to generate enough tips and tricks for a 300-400 pp book"-- Provided by publisher
    Digital Access Ovid 2020