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    Peilin Li, editor.
    Summary: This book introduces a multidimensional system that evaluates quality of life in China by pursuing a quantitative and analytical approach. A host of factors, including economic conditions and individual wellbeing, can affect peoples satisfaction with their lives. In addition to GDP-associated indicators, sociological and environmental factors are also relevant when it comes to evaluating quality of life. Providing a general framework, while also considering gender, education and geographical differences in assessing quality of life, the book offers policy suggestions for improving both individual quality of life and the health of society as a whole.

    Introduction: Step Forward to the Stage of Emphasizing Life Quality
    Classification of Individual Consumption and Life Quality
    The Quality of Employment and Job and its influence factors
    Education, Social Mobility and the Quality of Life
    Housing Conditions of Urban and Rural Residents and housing inequality
    Middle-income Group and Olive-shaped Society
    Workers with Urban Household and the Income Gaps of Migrant Workers
    Government evaluation on New Generation Youth and Internet Use
    Environmental Awareness and Life Quality
    The Impact of Medical Treatment on Gender differences in the sense of happiness
    Social Trusts and Social Supports
    Social Involvement and the Quality of Life
    Residents Satisfaction to Life and its Factors
    The Sense of Residents Happiness and Spatial Layout
    Value Judgment on "Good Society" and Social Cognition
    Digital Access Springer 2022