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    Andrew Walden, Andrew Campbell, Ashley Miller, Matthew Wise, editors.
    Summary: This book provides a practically applicable guide to the use of ultrasound in the care of acutely and critically ill patients. It is laid out in two sections. The first section attempts to take a comprehensive approach to specific systems of examination taking an organ focused approach covering techniques including Focussed Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) scanning and venous sonography. The second section presents a range of specific cases enabling the reader to develop an understanding of how to apply these methodologies effectively into their day-to-day clinical practice. Ultrasound in the Critically Ill: A Practical Guide describes how to use ultrasound technologies in day-to-day clinical practice. Therefore, it is an ideal resource for all trainee and practicing physicians who utilize these technologies on a day-to-day basis.

    Physics of Ultrasound
    Preparation and Image Optimisation
    Clinical Governance
    Airway Ultrasound
    Basic Lung Ultrasound
    Advanced Lung Ultrasound
    Focused Transthoracic Echocardiography
    Advanced Transthoracic Echocardiography
    Transoesophageal Echocardiography
    FAST Scanning
    Renal Tract Ultrasound
    Abdominal Ultrasound - Liver, Spleen and Biliary Tree
    Abdominal Ultrasound - Bowel and Peritoneum
    Vascular Access
    Venous Sonography
    Neuro-ophthalmic Ultrasound
    Cranial Doppler
    Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
    The Haemodynamically Unstable Patient
    The Unconscious Polytrauma Patient
    The Patient with Acute Breathlessness
    The Patient Difficult to Wean from Mechanical Ventilation
    The Patient with Acute Kidney Injury
    The Patient with Acute Abdominal Pain.
    Digital Access Springer 2022