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    Thomas Apard, Jean Louis Brasseur, editors.
    Summary: This book combines orthopedists and radiologists perspectives to provide a comprehensive overview of the rapidly expanding use of ultrasound in orthopedic surgery. It also highlights the growing awareness of the potential of this non-invasive and portable, real-time imaging tool, which has led to its inclusion in the minimally invasive toolkit of upper limb surgeons. The book is divided into five parts shoulder, elbow, forearm, hand and wrist and fingers. Each part focuses on a particular anatomic region or joint, carefully analyzing the sonoanatomy of its nerves, tendons and bones. For each region, experienced experts illustrate how to perform specific techniques under ultrasound control, ranging from classic procedures, like carpal tunnel release, to the treatment of less common conditions. Covering all the basic and practical aspects of this innovative, multi-disciplinary approach, as well as future perspectives, this unique book is a must-read for all orthopedists, radiologists, sports physicians and physiotherapist wanting to gain insights into this promising field.

    I Shoulder
    1 Ultrasonography of the rotator cuff
    2 ultrasonography of the postoperative long biceps tendon
    3 ultrasonography of the coracoid apophysis
    4 ultrasonography of the acromioclavicular joint
    5 ultrasonography of the shoulder arthroplasty
    II Elbow
    6 ultrasonography of the lateral side of the elbow
    7 ultrasonography of the median nerve at the elbow
    8 ultrasonography of the ulnar nerve at the elbow
    9 ultrasonography of the radial nerve at the elbow
    III Forearm
    Chapter 10 ultrasonography of the interosseous membrane at the forearm
    11 ultrasonography of the pronator quadratus
    IV Wrist/Hand
    12 ultrasonography of the extensor carpi ulnaris tendon
    13 ultrasonography of the scapholunate ligament
    14 ultrasonography of the carpal tunnel
    15 ultrasonography of triangular fibrocartilage complex
    16 ultrasonography of De Quervain tenosynovitis
    17 ultrasonography of the trapezometatacarpal joint
    V Finger
    18 ultrasonography of the flexor tendons of the finger
    19 ultrasonography of extensor tendons of the finger
    20 ultrasonography of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb
    21 ultrasonography of the nail. .
    Digital Access Springer 2022