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    edited by Eranthie Weerapana.
    Examining xCT-mediated selenium uptake and selenoprotein production capacity in cells / Namgyu Lee, Anne E. Carlisle, and Dohoon Kim
    Methods for accurate and reproducible studies of pharmacological effects of selenium in cancer / Arun Kumar Selvam, Tímea Szekerczés, Sofia Björnstedt, Ali Razaghi, and Mikael Björnstedt
    Using selenocysteine-specific reporters to screen for efficient tRNASec variants / Christina Z. Chung, Dieter Söll, and Natalie Krahn
    Expressing recombinant selenoproteins using redefinition of a single UAG codon in an RF1-depleted E. coli host strain / Qing Cheng and Elias S.J. Arnér
    Selenocysteine substitutions in thiyl radical enzymes / Juan Carlos Cáceres, Clara A. Bailey, Kenichi Yokoyama, and Brandon L. Greene
    Expression of selenoproteins via genetic code expansion in mammalian cells / Jennifer C. Peeler and Eranthie Weerapana
    Applying selenocysteine-mediated expressed protein ligation to prepare the membrane enzyme selenoprotein S / Rujin Cheng, Jun Liu, Vidyadhar Daithankar, and Sharon Rozovsky
    Chemoproteomic interrogation of selenocysteine by low-pH isoTOP-ABPP / Daniel W. Bak and Eranthie Weerapana
    SecMS analysis of selenoproteins with selenocysteine insertion sequence and beyond / Chenfang Si, Ye Cao, and Yaoyang Zhang
    An accelerated and optimized algorithm of selenium-encoded isotopic signature targeted profiling for global selenoproteome analysis / Guogeng Jia, Jinjun Gao, Fan Yang, Tianyu Feng, and Chu Wang
    Assay of selenol species in biological samples by the fluorescent probe Sel-green / Baoxin Zhang and Jianguo Fang
    Identification of selenoprotein O substrates using a biotinylated ATP analog / Meghomukta Mukherjee and Anju Sreelatha
    Application of alpha-methyl selenocysteine as a tool for the study of selenoproteins / Emma J. Ste. Marie and Robert J. Hondal
    Modeling of selenocysteine-derived reactive intermediates utilizing a nano-sized molecular cavity as a protective cradle / Ryosuke Masuda and Kei Goto
    Diselenide-selenoester ligation in the chemical synthesis of proteins / Max J. Bedding, Sameer S. Kulkarni, and Richard J. Payne.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2022