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    Murat Beyzadeoglu, Gokhan Ozyigit, Cüneyt Ebruli.
    Summary: This updated work is an all-in-one book, encompassing the essential aspects of radiation physics, radiobiology, and clinical radiation oncology. A complete section is devoted to each of these fields. In the first two sections, concepts that are crucial in radiation physics and radiobiology are reviewed in depth. The third section describes radiation treatment regimens appropriate for the main cancer sites and tumor types. The book has been designed to ensure that the readers will find it easy to use. Many "pearl boxes" are used to summarize the most information, and there are more than 350 helpful illustrations, the majority of them in color. Basic Radiation Oncology, 2nd edition, will meet the need for a practical, up-to-date, bedside-oriented radiation oncology book. It will be extremely useful for residents, fellows, and clinicians in the fields of radiation, medical, and surgical oncology, as well as for medical students, physicians, and medical physicists with an interest in clinical oncology.

    Radiation Physics
    Clinical Radiation Oncology
    Central Nervous System Tumors
    Head and Neck Cancers
    Lung Cancer
    Breast Cancer
    Genitourinary System Cancer
    Gynecological Cancers
    Gastrointestinal System Cancers
    Soft Tissue Sarcoma
    Skin Cancer
    Lymphomas and Total Body Irradiation.
    Digital Access Springer 2022