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    Hans-Robert Metelmann, Thomas von Woedtke, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, Steffen Emmert, editors.
    Summary: This textbook addresses the growing international need for a practical manual that teaches physicians how to apply cold atmospheric pressure plasma (CAP) in the day-to-day provision of patient healthcare. The book introduces readers to the concept of CAP, how it works, and how safe it is, before describing several diseases and other medical indications for its application. The book subsequently provides guidelines for daily clinical practice, e.g. for treating chronic wounds, decontaminating infected skin lesions, and rendering multi-resistant bacteria inert, as well as a detailed overview of plasma devices. In closing, it addresses organizational aspects, which are essential to cultivating and maintaining quality standards in the application of cold medical plasma. This textbook offers a unique educational resource and provides relevant information on plasma medicine as an emerging multidisciplinary discipline. Practitioners will appreciate this integrated, comprehensive guide, which is also suitable for advanced students of medicine and dentistry, and for nurses serving on plasma-assisted medical teams.

    I: Introduction
    1: From Leap Innovation to Integrated Medical Care
    1.1 Introduction
    1.2 To Diagnose Problem Pathologies
    1.2.1 Chronic and Infected Wounds
    1.2.2 Chronic Wounds, Not Infected
    1.2.3 Acute Wounds at Risk of Infection and Worsening
    1.2.4 Non-Healing Wounds by Other Reasons
    1.2.5 Infected Skin
    1.3 To Apply Clinical Plasma Research
    1.3.1 Mode of Action Chronic Wounds Acute Wounds
    1.3.2 Approved Medical Devices
    1.3.3 Evidence-Based Medicine 1.4 To Identify Wounds at Risk
    1.4.1 Normal Healing Capability of Acute Wounds
    1.4.2 Wound Healing Capability and Age
    1.4.3 Wound Healing Capability and Gender
    1.4.4 Wound Healing Capability and Concomitant Steroid Therapy
    1.4.5 Wound Healing Capability and Cancer
    1.5 To Act in Concert with the Patient
    1.6 To Evaluate Treatment
    1.6.1 Chronic and Infected Wounds
    1.6.2 Non-Healing Wounds, Not Infected
    1.6.3 Acute Wounds at Risk of Infection and Worsening
    1.6.4 Non-Healing Wounds by Other Reasons
    1.6.5 Infected Skin
    1.7 Conclusion
    References II: Concept
    2: Cold Physical Plasma: A Short Introduction
    2.1 Introduction
    2.2 A Brief History of Cold Plasmas
    2.3 How to Generate a Cold Plasma?
    2.4 Principal Composition of a Cold Plasma
    2.4.1 Radiation
    2.4.2 Electrical Fields
    2.4.3 Reactive Species In the Gas Phase In the Liquid Phase In the Solid Phase
    2.5 Applications of Cold Plasmas
    Further Reading
    3: How Does Cold Plasma Work in Medicine?
    3.1 Introduction
    3.2 Plasma Components and Source Concepts 3.3 How Does Cold Plasma Work in Medicine: Conclusions Drawn from in Vitro Studies
    3.3.1 The Role of Plasma-Derived Electric Fields in Vitro
    3.3.2 Role of Plasma-Derived Thermal Energy (Heat) in Vitro
    3.3.3 Role of Plasma-Derived Ultraviolet Radiation In Vitro
    3.3.4 Role of Plasma-Derived ROS in Vitro
    3.4 How Does Cold Plasma Work in Medicine: Conclusions Drawn from in Vivo and Tissue-Based Studies
    3.4.1 The Role of Plasma-Derived Electric Fields in Vivo
    3.4.2 The Role of Plasma-Derived Thermal Energy (Heat) in Vivo 3.4.3 The Role of Plasma-Derived UV Radiation in Vivo
    3.4.4 The Role of Plasma-Derived ROS in Vivo
    Suggested Reading
    Mechanisms of Physico-Chemical and Biomedical Mechanisms of Plasmas
    Principles of the Best-Characterized Medical Plasma Jet
    Preclinical and Clinical Effects of a Plasma Jet in Dermatology
    4: Landmarks to Differentiate Between Reliable and Questionable Devices for Application in Plasma Medicine
    4.1 Introduction
    4.2 General Classification of Devices for Plasma Medicine
    4.3 Basic Characterization of CAP Devices
    Approved CAP Devices.
    Digital Access Springer 2022