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    Pu Dai, Vincent C. Cousins, Yue-shuai Song, Xue Gao, editors.
    Summary: Featuring a set of 3-D anatomic images of ear surgery based on innovative photographic devices, this book introduces anatomical details of ear surgery in the main areas of the temporal bone and lateral skull base. After overviewing basic anatomy of temporal bone and lateral skull base, the following 8 chapters covers step by step anatomic and surgical procedures of various ear surgeries, including transcanal approach, retroauricular approach, translabyrinthine approach, middle fossa approach, retrosigmoid approach, infratemporal fossa approach, and the stereoscopic virtual anatomy of the temporal bone. It is a practical and useful resource for residents in head and neck surgery, and related field.

    1 Overview
    2 Bony Landmarks of the Temporal Bone
    3 Transcanal approach
    4 Postauricular Approach
    5 Translabyrinthine Approach
    6 Middle Cranial Fossa Approach
    7 Retrosigmoid Approach
    8 Infratemporal Fossa Approach
    9 Stereoscopic Virtual Anatomy of Temporal Bone.
    Digital Access Springer 2021