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    Umair Mallick.
    Summary: This book discusses the evidence behind the relationship between COVID-19 and heart disease based on emerging state-of-the-art data. The rapid and unexpected global spread of the COVID-19 has revealed proportional levels of cardiovascular and metabolic complications. A myriad of pathogenetic mechanisms has come to the surface. There is still much research required to define whether cardiovascular disease causes COVID-19 complications or that cardiovascular disease appears as a result of the infection and which mechanisms are responsible. With cardiovascular and metabolic diseases already at pandemic levels and expected to increase further, this book provides readers with an urgent and thorough analysis of this association. Cardiovascular Complications of COVID-19: Risk, Pathogenesis and Outcomes provides answers to the increasing numbers of questions related to heart disease in COVID-19, highlighting the association between these pandemics and including risk factors, mechanisms and how these may impact diverse patients populations. It describes how COVID-19 impacts older patients and those with metabolic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes mellitus, while providing an overview of the observed gender dichotomy among patients. It therefore represents an essential resource not only for all cardiovascular physicians but also for any healthcare professionals managing patients with these diseases or those exploring COVID-19.

    Virology Of COVID 19
    Clinical Features And Complications Of COVID 19.-Treatment Options In Covid 19
    Inflammation And COVID 19
    Renin Angiotensin System And COVID 19
    Pathogenetic Mechanisms In Non-Cardiovascular Complications
    Cytokines And Viral Damage In COVID 19
    Thrombosis In COVID 19
    Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 In COVID 19
    Regulatory Systems And COVID 19
    Miscellaneous Novel Mechanisms In COVID 19
    Myocardial Injury And Acute Coronary Syndromes In COVID 19
    Heart Failure, Hypertension And Arrhythmias In COVID 19
    Patients With Cardiometabolic Diseases And COVID 19
    Older Age And COVID 19
    Gender Dichotomy And COVID 19
    Quality Of Research In COVID 19
    Digital Access Springer 2022