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    Jason L. Koh, Ryosuke Kuroda, João Espregueira-Mendes, Alberto Gobbi, editors.
    Summary: This practical case-based book assists clinicians in the evaluation and treatment of patellofemoral patients by reviewing critical elements for assessment and presenting clinical scenarios in which different experts provide their recommendations for treatment. Subdivided in 6 parts it explores the joints anatomy and mechanics, as well as case-based evaluation and treatment of patellofemoral instability, arthritis and chondrosis, traumatic injuries and degenerative tendinopathies. Moreover, the closing part offers an overview of the latest advances and future developments. Written in collaboration with ISAKOS, this book offers a valuable guide for orthopedists and sports medicine treating common and complex injuries of this joint.

    I Patellofemoral anatomy, mechanics and evaluation
    1 Patellofemoral anatomy and mechanics
    2 Patient and family history in the evaluation of patellofemoral patients
    3 Examination of patients with patellofemoral symptoms
    4 Imaging evaluation of patients with patellofemoral symptoms
    5 Principles of prevention and rehabilitation for patellofemoral - Christopher Powers
    6 Newest surgical treatments for patellofemoral osteochondral lesions
    II Case based evaluation and treatment of patellofemoral patients
    7 The pediatric patient with open physes: case 11 year old girl with dysplasia
    8 Adolescent patient with closed physes, mild dysplasia and malalignment: case 15 year old girl case presentation, and commentary and treatment recommendations by international surgeons
    9 Young male soccer player with second dislocation, closed physes, normal trochlea 19 year old
    10 21 year old male with alta, recurrent instability
    11 19 year old girl with high tttg, trochlear dysplasia
    12 25 year old with large chondral lesion, patellofemoral instability, tttg 15mm
    13 35 year old with recurrent instability, chondrosis of patella and trochlea
    III Patellofemoral pain. Chondrosis, and arthritis
    14 19 year old with anterior knee pain, normal articular cartilage
    15 22 year old with anterior knee pain, normal cartilage, mild alignment abnormalities
    16 21 year old with patellofemoral pain and mal torsion of the lower limbs: place of derotation osteotomies
    22 27 year old male, basketball, with central trochlear lesion
    23 35 year old woman, lateral patella and trochlear chondrosis
    24 55 year old, marginal osteophytes, general patellofemoral chondrosis
    IV Traumatic injuries to the patellofemoral joint
    25 Patellofemoral fracture, stellate, in 54 year old woman
    26 Patella fracture of inferior pole, in 48 year old man
    27 Quadriceps tendon rupture in 54 year old man
    28 Patella tendon rupture in 37 year old man
    V Degenerative tendinopathies of the patellofemoral joint
    29 Osgood-Schlatters disease in a 12 year old
    30 Patella tendinitis in a 21 year old basketball player
    31 Patella tendinitis at Osgood-schlatters lesion of 32 year old
    32 Quadriceps tendinitis in a 35 year old
    VI Advances and the future treatment of patellofemoral disorders
    33 Evidence based medicine
    34 Biologic treatments.
    Digital Access Springer 2022