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    Gian Luigi Canata, Pieter D'Hooghe, Kenneth J. Hunt, Gino M. M. J. Kerkhoffs, Umile Giuseppe Longo, editors.
    Summary: This volume offers a comprehensive guide to the prevention, management of injury, risk factor mitigation, and rehabilitation in track and field athletes. It serves as a valuable resource for the sports medicine community, including surgeons, sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. In addition to addressing current management techniques for injuries, the book discusses various special considerations, e.g. biologics, the aging athlete, rehabilitation, nutrition, and gender. Published in collaboration with ISAKOS, this book offers an updated information authored by experts in the field, and a valuable contribution to the field of orthopedics and sports medicine.

    1 The Burden and Epidemiology of Injury in Track and Field
    I Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics
    2 The sprinters muscle - Anatomy and pathomechanics of muscle
    3 Tendons and jumping - Anatomy and pathomechanics of tendon injury
    4 Ligament function and pathoanatomy of ligament injury and healing
    5 Anatomy and function of articular cartilage
    6 Bone structure and function in the distance runner
    7 Imaging considerations in track and field injuries
    II Upper Extremity
    8 Shoulder Instability in the throwing athlete
    9 Rotator Cuff injuries in throwing athletes
    10 Elbow injuries in throwing athletes
    11 Wrist injuries in throwers
    III Spine
    12 Back strains and sprains
    13 Spinal overuse injuries
    14 Spinal injuries and spondylolisthesis
    IV Hip Injuries
    15 Groin strain, Adductor and rectus injuries
    16 Stress fractures and AVN of the femoral head
    17 Femoro-acetabular Impingement and Labral injuries
    18 Gluteal muscle/tendon injuries and Pyriformis syndrome
    19 Trochanteric bursitis and IT band friction syndrome
    V Muscle injuries
    20 Hamstring and overuse muscle injuries
    21 Regenerative medicine (biologics) therapies for muscle strains and tears
    22 Shin splints and Compartment Syndrome
    VI Common Knee Injuries
    23 Knee meniscal and chondral injuries
    24 Patellofemoral overuse injuries and anterior knee pain (Fat pad syndrome included)
    25 Knee ligament injuries in track and field athletes
    VI Common Foot and Ankle Injuries
    26 Achilles Tendon and calf injuries
    27 Peroneal tendon injuries
    28 Bunions, Hallux rigidus and sesamoiditis in the running athlete
    29 Ankle impingement syndromes and FHL tendinopathy
    30 Ankle sprains and instability
    31 Heel spurs and Plantar fasciitis and metatrsalgia in runners
    32 Nerve injuries in the foot and ankle: Neuromas, entrapment and tarsal tunnel syndrome
    33 Stress fractures of the foot, ankle and tibia
    VIII Special considerations
    34 Gender considerations - the female athlete triad
    35 The aging athlete - influence of age on injury risk and rehabilitation
    36 The developing athlete - considerations for athletes age 10-18
    37 Psychological aspects of sport and injury
    38 Nutrition and Environmental factors
    39 Optimizing training and performance
    40 Rehabilitation and Return to sport after injury - Protocols and outcomes.
    Digital Access Springer 2022